Entrevista realizada por La fraise a Chícharo Mágico

March 27 de 2013Diseño gráfico

Entrevista realizada por La fraise a Chícharo  Mágico

Entrevista realizada a nuestro diseñador José Rodriguez por La fraise

Hi Chicharo,

Please introduce yourself in a few words, tell us who you are and where you come from. How and why did you become a graphic designer?

I am a graphic DesigNerd and illustrator from Mérida, a little city in Yucatán México (the place where the meteorite hit and destroyed the dinosaurs). I’ve been drawing since I can remember, I’ve always liked character design and lately t-shirt design and web design.

How did you conceive your design “hot bath” and how did you get the idea? What inspired you and what is the story behind it?

Well here in my city is very usual to sink cookies into hot chocolate until they get soft and we call it “chuc” and that’s where the hot bath idea comes from.

Bath vs shower?

Bath, I prefer to take my time =)

Would you prefer to dip your biscuits into a cup of tea or hot chocolate?

Hot Chocolate for tradition.

Do you like cakes, biscuits etc and do you have a sweet tooth?

Yes I do very much like them, especially chocolate and ice cream combinations.

How long have you known laFraise and how did you find us?

Since 2011, I believe I found it by googling web sites about funny t-shirt designs.

If you would recommend us, what would you say?

I’d say that if you are looking for fun and smart tees, laFraise is a great choice.

Do you have hobbies other than drawing? What are they?

I like science fiction flicks, collecting notebooks of drawings, and playing video games. Actually I’m stuck with portal 2 :P

What are your expectations for this year?

I’d love to enhance my illustrations skills and to get more jobs related to it.

Could you please draw us your interpretation of strawberries with Chantilly cream? Thanks for the interview and the drawing! 

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